Today’s photo tip is one that can literally save you a lot of money – in TWO ways! What is it? Keep your camera bag in an ice chest!

Here is the issue… For most of us, when we want to shoot some photos, we have to travel. It could be just down the street or it could be a vacation drive across the country. Either way, this photo tip can come in handy.

Photo Tip – Keep An Ice Chest In The Trunk Of Your Car.

With summer rapidly approaching for most of the northern hemisphere, we are about to experience some heat. True, some areas get hotter than others, but if your camera is in your car, it can heat up pretty dramatically.

There is a greenhouse effect! It is bad enough that it is illegal in most areas to leave kids or animals untended in cars. It can kill them! Even on a relatively mild day!


Guess what, it can kill your camera too!

Most modern cameras, etc. are made of plastic and rubber. When you have your camera gear in the car, it can get hot enough to literally melt it. Seems odd, but I’ve had it happen. Plus, heat is a pretty efficient killer of viewing screens too!

You may not see any problems while you are driving – with the windows open or the air conditioning on – but when you park to go in some place for lunch, your camera suffers! I’ve had times when my hands were all black after a photo session and I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out it was melted rubber from the grips on my camera!

Enter the ice chest…

If you keep your gear in an ice chest, it will protect it from heat. After all, that’s what an ice chest is designed to do!

Just toss your whole camera bag in there!

Not only will this protect your camera gear from the heat, there are some other benefits as well. Ice chests are created to hold melted ice water in, but that water tight feature also keeps water out.

It is handy for when you take your ice chest/camera bag to the beach or the lake. It is great at keeping out water and sand. Both of which can kill your gear.

It could also be a theft deterrent. Thieves are less likely to run off with an ice chest than with a camera bag.

You may never have a problem with heat, water, sand or thieves, but why risk it? It only costs a few dollars to follow this photo tip, and it could literally save you thousands!